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Bizarradies Wetroom - Beginner Questions

Do, 28.Apr 2005, 17:26
Hello! Gummiliebhaber from Sweden here.

Pardon for writing in English, but my German ist gar zu schlecht. I reckon you have no trouble reading it anyway. Feel free replying in German. I have no trouble reading it, only expressing it.

I'm an Anfänger when it comes to visiting Dominastudios, but I have wanted to for quite some time. I'm especially intrigued by the "Gourmetbereich" at Bizarradies in München. Dirty food orgies and bizarre toilet games loom large in my fantasies. What I am unsure about is the "culture" and ramifications surrounding this sort of practices and their establishments.

What I need to know are basically two things:

1) To what extent am I as a toilet rubberslave allowed to take active part? Is mutual "Versauungsexcessen" with for example desserts possible, or behaviour like wetting your rubberbriefs permitted (and naturally getting spanked for it)? I also have this fixation with wanting to piss on a motherly Domina's long rubberdress or Gummi Ganzanzug without her getting especially shocked (and me being thrown out of the Studio). Are such things possible? Anywhere? Note, this has nothing to with "Aufnehmen" for anyone but perhaps the slaves.

Or am I only expected to be a totally passive object receiving NS/KV, and absolutely nothing more?

2) What is the essential difference between Dominas and Bizarrladys? Is it that you can have sex with a Bizarrlady? Related with this, can you have sex with Sklavinnen?

Would very much appreciate replies.
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Do, 28.Apr 2005, 19:00

Ok,never been to the bizzaradies, so can not tell how it is there. Though a little in general. This with Bizarrladies (also bizar angels, Bizar tuefels, etc etc)is not easy for a non german to get, Probably not for a german either. As a norwegian doing extencive research here in germany the last two years, i have still not found it out. (Ok, should we hold the norwegian swedish jokes?).

Generally, i would look more at what the ladies do list as preferences as if they call themself a domina or bizarr lady. No fixed law about this should offer this, and the other should offer that. But generally Dominas do not offer intimate contact. While Bizarrladies do offer that, to varying degree. From being allowed to lick and touch down there, up to regulare intercourse. All up to their general preference. Some other places seen where bizarr ladies also used to deccribe young girls with less experience and skils. But not necessary that they allow much intimate contact.

As to what is allowed in a gummi session, i think that do differe between who you are sessioning with. Would assume, a session like you hint, where you are also peeing, would probably be more likely to be accepted bya bizarr lady, than a domina. Though, there is probably exceptions.

As to slaves, it is rather usual that they offer intercourse, but again, no rule.

Which basically leads us to, read their web sites, what they offer. Ask politely, talk to the house mistress, ask for suggestions. And good luck.

taake :)
Erfinder des "Dominamobbings"

Do, 28.Apr 2005, 21:29
Allright, thanks fellow Scandinavian. Much relevant information there.
But generally Dominas do not offer intimate contact. While Bizarrladies do offer that, to varying degree. From being allowed to lick and touch down there, up to regulare intercourse.
Sounds promising about the Bizarrladies. What about touching/caressing and full body contact between Dominas and slaves (protective rubber in between, of course!)? That's neither licking down there nor intercourse. When it comes down to it, I'm a sucker for fondling and cuddling (like any pet).

Comes down to how to interpret "intimate", doesn't it?


Mi, 18.Mai 2005, 07:59
First of all...Sorry, my English is not the Best. But to answer you as someone who has been to the Bizarrdies in Munich as well as in many other Dungeons in Germany Ican tell you this: Bizarrladies do have a pleasure in all kind of BDSM Games. But they also have all the "normal" sexuel pleasures with you. You can touch them, have watersports with them, if they offer that in General, and with some %klatsch% you can have sexual intimacy, too. That depends surely on the sympathy between you and the Bizarrlady. At the Bizarradies there are also "Dommaitressen" which name means that Sex comes first and BDSM after that. About the female slaves: You can do with them ALL that they offer. Some can take real hard punishments other only light games but most of them surely fuck or give a nice blowjob. So for example if you invest some Money at the Bizarradies you can get a Party with an untouchable Dominatrix who punish her slave and in between have sex with the Bizarrlady and at the end get your own punishment from the Dom or take an active role against the slave. You see...all this depends on sympathy and good behaviour.. Hope, that helped you along.

In the Bizarradies in Munich you can get on 1000m² BDSM Themepark every Phantasy fullfilled, that you can imagine. %knall% Have Fun Trying! winke winke
Media vitae in morte sumus

Sa, 11.Jun 2005, 05:46
Thanks, smmaster. I believe this answers all my questions, and in a very positive way at that. :-D

I'm not interested in giving hard punishment of course, but rather in very wet & messy orgies in the Gourmet Bereich with a splashproof Gummizofe and perverse dominant Bizarre Ladies alike. That's not to say it wouldn't be amusing to slap a Zofe with a cake messy rubberglove. :)

It also would be wonderful to be erzieht and degraded by two rubber ladies who both pose as my mothers (why not? :) ), but who still don't care if I golden cascade on the long latex dress, rather reacting like it only would be expected from such a disgusting filth loving toilet slave creature.
Thing is, I want to be able to embrace a lady in order to express my love and adoration for her, especially when I'm on my knees, without being regarded as "dominant". If we then can fondle and cuddle between the spankings (and maybe even have sex), say hugging one in bed while being spanked by the other, so much the better.

Hm, thinking out various exciting and deranged, kinky scenarios... %knall%

Proposition for you...

Fr, 17.Jun 2005, 19:17
For the phantasies you describe,slobbagum, I would propose a double Session with X. (ist nicht mehr tätig) as the bad Mama and Dommaitraisse ALEXANDRA as the sexy companion! %klatsch%

They work both on Fridays and it should be possible to book them together.

I love both of them very much!

Regards from Sypko!

winke winke

Do, 07.Jul 2005, 21:46
Super! Und besonders als die beiden so wunderschön aussehen und auch dunkelhaarigen sind. If I'm to be honest, sie sind beide actually beriets in meine Träume gewesen in genau diese Rollen (und für das muss ich vermutlich auch erniedringsvoll bestrafft zu werden). :)

Freitags, must make a specific note about that!

What about Lady Tiziana and Antonella? Do they like Schmierspiele im Nassbereich and on what days are they usually at Bizarradies? Lady Antonella scheint jedenfalls als sie gerne "Bad Mami" spielt. :)

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