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Tick Tack.. Tick Tack.. nur noch 4 Wochen bis zur Mallorca SM Finka..

Mo, 15.Apr 2019, 21:21
Miss Eva Engel, Lady Susanna, Lady Silver und Sklavin Amina erwarten Dich in einem besonderen Ambiente .. einer 75.000 m² spanischen Farm mit 2 Finka - Häusern.

Dort werden wir Dich in eine geile SM Welt entführen, die ganz Deinen Wünschen entspricht..

Melde Dich für weitere Informationen und sei dabei am:

Sonntag 19.05.2019, oder Montag 20.05.2019, oder Dienstag 21.05.2019, oder Mittwoch 22.05.2019

Lies hier im Anhang den Erfahrungsbericht meines Sklaven T., der nun bereits das dritte Mal mitfährt. (thank you Mr. T)

Ich freue mich auf weitere Interessenten, melde Dich und wir sprechen ob Deine Wünsche in Spanien in Erfüllung gehen können..

Gruß Eva Engel..
Infos zur Finka auch unter
oder 0160 - 3 775 775
Du hast keine ausreichende Berechtigung, um die Dateianhänge dieses Beitrags anzusehen.

Re: Tick Tack.. Tick Tack.. nur noch 4 Wochen bis zur Mallorca SM Finka..

Mi, 17.Apr 2019, 07:32
SM Finka Mallorca 2016 & 2018 - Compilation of beeing a sex slave for days

I was so exited that I could almost not sleap. I stood up at 0500 in the morning and flyed from up north direct to Palma de Mallorca. I had so many headcinemas on the plane and the weeks before. I was almost running out off the plane. The sun, smell and heat hitted me nice. Mistress Eva Engel met me smiling at the airport in a nice sexy outfit, not over the edge thow. She draged me to the car. She told me to drive. I was allready in her custody, her slave..

After less than an hour we turned into a small road and allé. I was told go out of the car. She opend the door of an nice old stone house. She told me to kneel down and read a contackt. I signed the contackt and had to strip my clothes off and got a tight and red collar with a lash around my neck and cuffs around my arms and legs, I was allready shaking and dripping not knowing what will come in the next hours days and nights. It was no questions on who that was in charge.

I was showed a bit around and was presented for the other mistreses and a very sexy female slave.

Suddenly I was blindfolded draged out and fixed somewhere in an X. I felt somebody breathing near me and a great smell. Nailes scratches my back and then sting my nipples. I swollowed and was so exited. Suddenly she was gone. I was sharpened and tryed to hear what could happend. After a while I felt a warm slap on my ass. My Mistress wipped my ass red and it burned just perfect. I tryed to escape on my toes but it did not help. Then she stoped and I felt nice hands touching me with some nice cool gel. I enjoyed the naughty touch a lot. Soon I was dripping. At the same time my nipples was pinched and squessed and I screamed loud. After a short time I stoped scraming. I got a big mouthgag tight into my big mouth and around my neck. Then my blindfold was taken away.
I could see a lot of games going on around me. We where outside in the hot garden but in the shade.

I looked into Eva Engels pretty eyes. Followed down her very sexy body and outfit. I was dripping from all over my body. She walked away. I was desperat after her touch.

Then my eyes fall on Mistress Pearl. She had on a tight sexy black outfit that sutes her thin sexy body with long hear and high heels. She walked against me and we met for the first time. She gave me a great time and mesured my level of pain wishes and quick understood my bodylanguage.

I was moved to another place. Dragged with my lash. Fixed to a wooden old beam. My hands up and legs spread. The rope of my hands where tighten and I stood on my tiptoes. Eva laught loud infront of me and told the strong fit sexy Lady Silver that I deserved some punishment with whips. Lady Silver asked if 50 strokes was enought. She said no, then I give him 100 she laughted. I counted and she coutinued with different whips, canes flogs and more. I tryed to escape but it was no way out. I got warm exited, red, stinging and more. Yes I deserved it, but dont ask why.

One of the next days I was taken to a game with very sexy female slave Amina. She was so hot devote and under Eva Engels control. We both where. I tryed out some of my dominate skils also. The combination of being under Evas controll and beiing a slave and Master was a once in a life experience. This game was so great that I still think it was only a fantasy.

The feeling of being a slave for so long time was exhausting, great and so full of different moment and strong feelings and satesfaction. This part of my life have been some of my greatest moments ever.
I have so many headcinemas that came thru this week. I dont want to tell You it all. But here You have some other part of the happenings:

Raped: Tied up on a table. Mask on. Feet on the Ground tied to the tableleggs stomack on the table with pillows under arms fixed to the otherside of the table and then fucked by more Mistresses or who actually know who fucked me...

Sexslave: Mistress test and train slave to be a good sexslave. She used dildogag and other equipment to show how a good slave can be used...

It will cost You: I am bound in the shape of an X, Mistress plays with me. She touches my penis and my balls. She runs her hands over my body, feeling every nuance. I want her. She moves away. I can see she has brought her toys: whips, paddles, crops, and other punishment devices. She playfully shows them to me. I wonder if she is only teasing me .“Do you want me?” I nod. “What will you do for me?” “Anything,” I answer «Do you want to see me naked “Yes, please!”It will cost you.”
“Anything, anything, please
For every piece of clothes she took off she give a new punishment… just imagen how long I lasted...

The rest You just can think about in your naughty and dirty mind, or do as me, go back to the next camp. I have been there all of them and maybe its not a secret, but its some of the most exitment days of my life.

Eva´s first slave Tom

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