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Mo, 02.Aug 2004, 21:49
Leider in English, als meine Deutsch nicht so gut ist.
Ursprunglich posted auf: http://www.maxfisch.com/thehang/ubbthre ... Cat=2,3,4

Going on vacation back to visit ones parents is a normal thing to do, when one live in another country. But to survive living with them for a week, one got to be prepared. And the best way I know, is to go out and have a wonderful and mind blowing session.

In the south-west German town of Karlsruhe a new small studio has opened, and the lovely Daemona De Lucca conducts her session there. The studio is located easily accessible in downtown Karlsruhe. The studio offers all what is necessary for a great studio session, not to mention shower facilities for before and after session. So I have to give the studio both thumbs up.

So session was booked for a Tuesday evening, and I must admit I was still struggling to recover from the Friday session I had with her. What can I say, there is something about her eyes that brought forth the addict in me. And it did not get better after this one.

1st act.
She had me tied up facing the wall. Or tied up. It was just my arms cuffed up. Why waste valuable beating time, when the guy is stupid enough to say he want to be bullwhipped until he cries, was maybe her line of thoughts. And it was a few times in there, where I seriously questioned my sanity in session suggestion. Though, with her soft German voice, and wonderful laughter, she was amazing at coaching me back to take more for her.

So, I was as said, lightly tied up, but still with a lot of room to move around. Which I did. And then came surprise no 2 for me. Or lesson two, what to be careful with in presession talk. A lot of the times when I have had butt canings, we have done it from cold. So in a foolish attempt to show my Viking history and pride, as a Norwegian, I suggested we went straight at it. Females have a remarkable memory, and she started right on the single tail, and went on and on. And before she had 15 blows, I was questioning my sanity for the first time. And this was while she went soft on me. Expertly reading me, when she could increase the force. Also in-between she managed to fetch up a few canes too, and gave me indirectly a question, have the other ladies here in town gone easy on me.

Now, I still believe, I got a fair beating the other places I have been, but I was maybe just even a tad more big mouthed here. And soon she had me crying my tears big tears from pain, which seemed to have no other effect on her than she wanted to hit me even harder. (Repeated lesson no 2, big mouthed in pretalk) And as my knees struggled to keep me up, she just as easily followed me, and continued to cane me, until I was kneeling on the floor, hanging from my arms. Then she just sat down behind me, while still hit me, and pushing me the extra mile with pain. For me, it was a remarkable positive experience of pushing my pain tolerance. And with her ability to hit me correctly, even when I moved, made me feel very safe. Which again, helped me accept the pain she gave me.

Taake: bad behaved, and not able to stay still.
Daemona: Amazing precession.

2nd act.
She coached me back up on my feet, and with some motherly caring words, she told me, I wanted more. Not sounding like anything like a command, but more like she was able to get into my mind and talk to me like the little angel we see as the conscious of Donald Duck in Disney movies. The message was at least clear and tempting; the right thing to do here was to follow her lead.

Looking into her eyes as she pulled me back and smothered my mouth with her hands, I would say her eyes looked something between intense pure evil*, and a vampire ready to give the final blow to her prey. And I was ready to sell my soul to her for free.
*(That would be more like the red devil sitting on the other shoulder of Donald Duck, when he has to make difficult choices, but a lot more sexy than Disney would ever allow. )

And then she was on again, first, pouring what felt like a gallon of hot wax on my butt, then caning and whipping it off. The biggest difference from act 1 here was this time she used the single tail, as I sank down to my knees, crying like never before from pain. And joking with me, that I can move as much as I want, she will still hit me exactly where she wanted, and she did, and not one single kiss of the whip missed its intended target. And to repeat myself: For me, it was a remarkable positive experience of pushing my pain tolerance. And with her ability to hit me correctly, even when I moved, made me feel very safe. Which again, helped me accept the pain she gave me.

Taake: Smartass getting payback.
Daemona: Fair judge of punishment.

The break.
Again, she coached me back up on my feet, and smothered my mouth with her hand. Again, her eyes was shining bright with evil, cruel and sadistic desire, and nothing I could think of could look more beautiful there and then. She laughed and smiled, and I was a happy camper, ready to call this one of my best sessions ever. Not to forget one of the hardest. Pain tolerance pushed, but never in fear she would exceed it.

I was released, and given something to drink. And we talked and joked a little around. And me, thinking this was a session well ended and survived, probably was a little to big mouthed again.

3rd act.
And before I knew what was happening, she had me tied up against the cross again, this time back to the wall. And she attacked the front and sides of my legs. Balanced beating, I think it is called. Cannot just hit one side. Her bondage was not of the tightest sort, just around my waist around the small of the cross. This let me be able to move again, and before short, I was hanging with the ropes up under my chest, dangling, as she again, continued to beat the shit out of me with her canes. And poor old taake, (actually, poor young taake here, as I am 28, and she claimed to be 378 vampire years old) was cracking jokes faster than a machinegun to try to save his lives, as she eased up when she laughed. (I have it from other sources, that maybe use plain English/German, and say mercy, could be a better idea for the future)

And again, I have to repeat myself: For me, it was a remarkable positive experience of pushing my pain tolerance. And with her ability to hit me correctly, even when I moved, made me feel very safe. Which again, helped me accept the pain she gave me. And I have to admit, I was seriously questioning my sanity.

Taake: Pondering if no presession communication with the domina might be the thing for him.
Daemona: Paintolerance pusher out of this world.

4th act.
She just released my bondage, and I slided down on the floor, like the water down in a river. She continued to beat my legs like before, and when I curled up, she used her feet, to straighten my legs out. And taake was praising himself lucky he had not mentioned any thing about like ballkicking when looking at the boot she wore. Knee high shiny soft leather, with a tip that could scare my two family jewels to hide far up into my body. Her heels told me, trampling should here be left to the experts like Kevincarpet, and not mortals like me. And for the others, that would like to know anything about what she wore, I have honestly no idea, her eyes and smile captivated me so much, that anything else became not important.

She wanted to give me more, and she knew I could take it, far far better than I knew my own tolerances. And as the strokes came, she guided me to suck in wonderful energy from every stroke as she pushed me closer to my abilities. And in-between, she was laughing with the most warm and relaxing laughter one could imagine. Amazing how a session can turn. They say at sea, the best waterpump there is, is a scared to death sailor with a 2 gallon bucket. I am willing to suggest, that the best joke teller, must be a scared to death maso, with a hungry sadist holding a cane next to him.

Taake: A very happy camper. Having gotten a session, that pushed him just as far as he could and what he asked for.
Daemona: A treasure for the BDSM scene in southwest Germany.

I need to borrow a lot of hands here, to give this session and the lady a correct verdict. Just two thumbs up are not good enough.

taake, maxfisch field research team germany
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