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Herrin Xana, und der Kunst des SM

Mo, 30.Mai 2005, 23:35
Noch eine session bericht von . Und noch eine mit Herrrin Xana, von der Residenz. Meistens geschrieben, um einige Ammies zu ergern, als es gibt einige das denkt es gibt keine SM ausser in NYC.

Warum es auch hier posten? Keine anhung eigentlich. Meisten von meine Beitrage heir in Forum geht um Daemona de Lucca oder Herrin Xana. Zwei fur mich einfach klasse Frauen. Wer beide im Session, grösse Freude über des Speil zeigen kann. Welche für mich sehr wichtig ist.

Eine session bericht ist auch immer viel von der aktuelle Chemie zwischen die Domina und der Devote, oder die Sadistin und der Maso. Aber wie ich von Leute am maxfisch gehört hat, als sie nach lessen von eine Bericht von mir, eine Tolles session hier in Deutschland gehabt hat, hoffe ich vielleicht, dass eine bericht dass ich hier eingemacht, könnte sich für eine session entschieden, wie wircklich gut war.

Über diese session. Glaube es ist gleich 2 monaten hier. Vielleicht nicht eine typische Session für Sie. Ich bin wahrscheinlich nicht der typische devote. Aber ich hoffe das ich ein bisschen von diese Freude sie bei Speilen haben kann, schaft zu vermitteln.

I knew already from the pretalk that this was going to be a special session. The ambient was just right. Then again, it was deservingly so, celebrating our 30th session together. The last 20 or so sessions, has really been without any real talk about the session before hand. She knows what works, and i usually screw it up if i try to suggest something. Maybe a sign that she really should be the mistress, and i the slave. This time however, she sat down comfortably in one of the big old english style leather chairs, looked at me, and asked me what i would wish for in session.

Other than it tok me by great surprise, she was seemingly enjoying my confused state. Seeing she was already smiling and laughing, left taake to forget all about his previous SAM, and behaved perfectly, which on the other hand confused her. And suggested we went by the normal program. My body to be the canvas for her lust. However, for once, poor lil taake, managed to stuter out some words that made sense. Remembering the last few sessions, and what really made them so special, the wishes for the session was put as simple; what ever makes you smile and laugh like the last few times. And seeming that she was in an very good mood this day, she fullfilled these wishes way more than i could dream of.

Tied up under a spreader bar, in the big SM room at the residenz, taake was smiling happily, watching her move about. As always struck by her eleganze. This time in a short leather skirt, and a matching leather top. Simple and beautiful. Her face shining up the room. Her dark brown eyes hiding still the evil thoughs, of what will occur. Her smile and laughter, soft and relaxing, making for the ambient, that is the base for any great session. Standing there, being the victim to her hands and nail on my nipples and sac. Hitting that emotional high stage at her first touch. Relaxation pure, excitment and fun. The feeling, you are at home, in safe hands what ever she will do. Her touch both hurt and not, but you dont really care, its not about the activity or the sensation. Rather about her smile, her eyes, her breathing, her scent, as she is standing next to you. The soft warm skin of her shoulder, as you lean your head close.

A devious little steel clamp is picked up, and my nipples are attacked. Her grin becoming wider, as i wiggle in pain. Her soft voice whispering to me, well you did say do whatever made me smile. I ask her if she has a small sadistic streak that she needes to live out. She laughs friendly, smiling even bigger. Looking at her bright face, she is indeed, and i whisper a thank you mistress. The small teeth of the clamp dig into my skin as she twist and turns. Playing me expertly. She knows me. 29 sessions earlier, has made her able to read me like a book. Which she uses to the full. Within a chemistry, and enjoyment, that she could do whatever, and it would never be abuse. A slightly evil laugh as i wiggle. Her way of saying, i am becoming a wimp, but I dont care.

Another evil steel toy is picked up. Shaped like a penicl, with the sharpest tip you can imagine, like a needle. Shiny stainless steel. Sliding it over my nipples, gently, giggling softly. Asking me if this 1/3 inch rod would feel painful if pierced through my nipple. I just look at her, as she whispers into my ear, you know that "sadistic streak" you were talking about. By now, poor lil taake, was somewhere else, and feel "deliciously evil" is a better description. In a state, where she could ask me if she should push it through my body and not the skin, i would still have said yes. A state you can only come, when you fully can trust the lady. Letting her play her game, whatever it is.

She knows me. Anything i would say, would be taken as a compliment. Its part of the game. Otherwise, the sessions are silent. She is working methodically with what ever insturment of torture she chooses. Just interrupted by her soft low laughter. I am breathing slowly, trying not to scream into her ears, which seldom is far from my mouth. Dragging you into a state of mind, where if a other mistress enters the room, you really dont care. You are really too caught in the net of Xana. For a roamer like me, she could not play a humilation game better if she tried. You think back at other places you been, and no matter how good, you still feel; dang, i have been the biggest idiot in the world. And you still actually couldnt care less.

Working my back side, with the pen, leaving a random pattern of lines all over. As we both get caught in the sensation, the intensity. Intimacy through a 9 inch steel rod. Somewhere where physical excitment and contact becomes irrelevant, because its raised to a higher mental plane. A uniqe combination of relaxed and excited at the same time. She leaving her mark on my skin, like a piece of art i will be able to admire in the mirror for days. Standing behind me, she attacked again my nipples, with her little instrument of delight, and as i moan loudly, my little and untouched viking warrior have decided that this was the best sex it ever had, cramping up and making a mess. And that was just 20 mins into the session.

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